15 years IEF, held in Changsha, Hunan Province, China this year


IEF (International e-Sports Festival), which has been going on since 2005, will be held this year in Changsha City, Hunan Province, China.

The IEF Organizing Committee held a press conference to announce the departure of the ‘2019 Hunan IEF’ from the main building of the National Assembly on May 7, and outlined this year’s event. The IEF is an e-sports event that began in 2005 with the participation of Korean and Chinese governments. The IEF is taking place every year, alternating between the two countries. It was initially held in the form of professional athletes from the two countries, but later turned into a competition that mainly involved college students, as it is now.

This year, players from more than 20 countries will participate in the event. There will be three official events: “League of Legend,” “FIFA Online 4” and “Pentastrom” (Chinese name: Wangzherongyao). Demonstration event will be held with “Battle X,” a VR e-sports game.

The event was attended by former Gangwon Governor Lee Gwang-jae, co-chairman of the IEF, as well as WuLan deputy secretary of the Hunan Provincial Committee in China and Hunan Provincial Government Delegation. WuLan was known to have worked hard to host the IEF in Hunan Province, as she led the IEF to China while serving in the Communist Party’s propaganda department. “Changshai city of Hunan province, is the place where the government led by Kim Gu was located for two years from 1937, and has a close relationship with Korea.”, “Hunan province has the third largest cultural content industry in China, and the government is actively promoting it.”, said WuLan. “Zhongguancun (called the Silicon Valley of China) is located in Beijing in the north, the South is working hard to develop the IT industry in Malanshan, which is being built in Changsha. It is meaningful that the IEF, an international youth exchange platform, will be held in our region, and we will actively support it so that it can continue to be held in the future,” she highlighted.

In this Hunan IEF 2019, not only the e-sports competition, but also the e-sports international forum and the character contest are held as an additional event. The K-Pop concert will be also held at the opening and closing ceremonies. The total amount of prize money is 21 million won. It will be held in 16 regions from July to August through the reception of the participants until June, followed by national tournament selection in Jeju in October.

By Nam Jung-seok reporter bluesky@sportschosun.com