IEF 2018 [Notice of Results] National Competition Results


IEF 2018  Jeju International  e- Sports Festival National Competition Result

sector ranking country School name name
LEAGUE OF LEGENDS 1st place China Jimei University team
2nd place China Hunan Science and Technology College team
3rd place Republic of Korea Jeonnam Science University team
HEARTHSTONE 1st place Germany Nürtingen environment Philipp Hehn
2nd place Republic of Korea Yonsei University Jiwon Park
3rd place United States of America UC Berkley Jim jin Liu
PENTA STORM 1st place China Hunan Industrial Polytech team
2nd place Republic of Korea Hongik University team
3rd place China Sanjing University team
BATTLE X VR ( Demonstration ) 1st place Republic of Korea TEAM KOREA team
2nd place China TEAM CHINA team