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IEF hosts e-sports competitions, cultural events and forums to promote cultural exchanges among teenagers and college students as well as global political, economic and cultural leaders.

Recent News of IEF

China Hunan province, present a letter of appointment to IEF Executive Committee Chairman...

Wu Lan Deputy secretary of Hunan Province, China, presented the appointment letter of special representative for international friendship...

15 years IEF, held in Changsha, Hunan Province, China this year

IEF (International e-Sports Festival), which has been going on since 2005, will be held this year in Changsha City,...

China, Germany dominate 2018 IEF e-sports tournament

E-sports athletes from China and Germany prevailed in the 2018 Jeju International e-sports Festival. / Courtesy of the organizer By...

IEF 2018 [Notice of Results] National Competition Results

IEF 2018  Jeju International  e- Sports Festival National Competition Result sector ranking country School name name LEAGUE OF LEGENDS 1st place China Jimei University team 2nd place China Hunan Science and Technology...

[Korea Consumer TV] Global e-sports festival of gamers from all over the world

https://youtu.be/L8llh8N58PE This video is the video of 'International e-Sports Festival', a festival of gamers from all over the world. http://ief.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=0602&wr_id=79&page=1

‘IEF 2017’ was held in the 14th … E-sports exchanges in five countries including...

The International Federation of International Exchange (IEF) will host the IEF 2017 International e-Culture Festival (IEF) organized by the...

IEF2019 holding press conference

15th IEF2019 tournament is held in Changsha, Hunan Province, China ...

On May 7, the International Exchange Federation (IEF) and the Hunan Provincial Government of China held a ceremony to hold the IEF convention at the main hall of the National Assembly.

The IEF2019 Congress announced that the Chinese public hearing and Hunan provincial government will put the most budget of the previous tournaments into a global event, according to Hunan's Uran branch.

In addition to the IEF Festival, the competition will also include a character contest, an e-sports forum, and a K-pop concert. The event will be broadcasted in 20 media, including Hunan TV in China and Chinese youth network.

Business Field of IEF

E-Sports Festival of IEF

IEF hosts selection contests for national teams and international competitions, and the IEF E-Sports Festivals in Korea are held under the cooperation of local governments.

Cultural events of IEF

In addition to e-sports competitions, IEF also holds various incidental events such as press conferences, opening and closing ceremonies, exhibitions and culture events, etc.

Cultural exchange events

IEF conducts cultural exchanges with China, Vietnam, and Japan, etc. Especially in China, IEF pursues cultural exchanges actively under cooperation of the Communist Youth League, Ministry of Culture in the Central Government and provincial Governments.

Forums of IEF

IEF hosts the Korea-China Economic Forum in Chongqing, China, in 2015, and will hold “World Tourism Industry Forum” and “Exhibition” in the future.

IEF Partner

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency)

Jeju City

Communist Youth League of China

Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China

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