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Greeting from the president

Co-president Lee, KwangJae

(Before. governor of Gangwon Province)

Co-president Nam, KyungPil

(Before. governor of Gyeonggi Province)

IEF was established by the joint statement between Roh Moohyun, President of Korea, and Hu Jintao, President of China in 2003 for expanding exchanges and building friendly and cooperative relationship between the youth in two countries.

The fact that the era of peace has come to the Korean peninsula is largely caused by the efforts of governmental officials of both countries, who have been steadily expanding exchanges and cooperation between the two countries over the years.

As commented by Lu Xun that “Originally, there was no path on the ground. When one goes first and many people have walked on it, and then a path came into being.”

We have taken on a path that no one has ever walked, and now the path has become solid and widen to be the place for exchanges of e-sports, economies, cultures and next-generation’s leaders in various fields.

IEF is a place for the people walking together, who prepare for the future and have a dream for solidarity and peace. Over barriers on languages, cultures, and races, we have developed the mutual understanding and friendship for others.

Basing on the achievements over the past 14 years, IEF would be on its way silently for peace and co-prosperity.

Thank you.