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IEF 2019 Jeju Character Competition (Korea representative trial)

Delivering hope messages through character competition

Competition guidance

  • Subject: A pure creative competiton that can effectively deliver messages of support or hope to young people by using Son Oh-kong character.
  • (We’ll select the character that contains the message of cheering or hope. Character supplies warm support and hope of success to the young entrepreneur and the young people who are looking for a job will be selected.)
  • Receiving period: July 2019 - September 30, 2019
  • Screening period: Sept. 2019 / Works that passed the 1st screening process will have public plagiarism proceeding on the website.
  • Screening method: 1st [SNS and website preference survey] / 2nd [Final screening]
  • Result Announcement: October 2019 / Announcement on website and individual announcement.
  • Participants: Anyone from the Republic of Korea can participate [Individuals or teams (up to 3 persons) can participate]
  • Contents
  • Son Oh-kong character competition
  • Works that do not fit the subject will be excluded from the first screening.
  • Those who passed the first screening will be selected through the second screening process during the IEF 2019 International e-Sports Festival Korean national team trials.
  • The winning team will host a competition with Chinese award-winning teams at the IEF 2019 International e-Sports Festival World Congress.
  • The final winners will apply for Kakao Talk and Wechat emoticon services (Donate when generating profit)
  • Total prize money for domestic competitions [1st prize 1 million won, 2nd prize 500,000 won, 3rd prize 300,000 won]
  • Total prize money for the world championships [1st 30,000RMB, 2nd 15,000RMB, 3rd 10,000RMB]
  • The prize money may change depending on the situation
  • ※ The above contents may change according to the situation.