‘IEF 2017’ was held in the 14th … E-sports exchanges in five countries including Korea, China and Japan


The International Federation of International Exchange (IEF) will host the IEF 2017 International e-Culture Festival (IEF) organized by the China IEF Organizing Committee and sponsored by the Chinese public hearing group. 2017) was successfully completed at Zhuhai (Zhuhai, Zhuhai) in central China’s Guangdong province.
The IEF 2017 International Cultural Festival, which was held on December 29, lasted from December 29 to 30, was attended by five countries from Korea, China, Malaysia, Japan and Vietnam. .
As a result, the Chinese team won the first and third place in the online game “League of Legends” (LoL), and the Korean team won the first, second and third places in the over-watch category. In the mobile game ‘Pentastorm’, China ranked first and third, and Korea ranked second. In the ‘Classy Royal’ category, the Korean team swept the first and third places.
Meanwhile, the International Exchange Federation has announced its plan to host the ‘IEF 2018 International Culture Festival’ (IEF 2018), which is celebrating its 14th anniversary with the end of ‘IEF 2017’.
IEF 2018, which will be held this year, aims to become a global E-sports event with 15 countries from all over the world including Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. to be.
Starting in April, we will start the national championship tournaments for university league players from all over the country. In October, we will also host international competitions and professional game teams. Will be developed into a global e-sports festival.
More information about the ‘IEF 2018 International Culture Festival’ can be found on the official website.